On December 1st, the first ever New York Tech Zine Fair (NYTZF) will provide a platform for 40+ exhibitors and DIY publishers to sell and circulate their work in a supportive community. Join us as we showcase the ways in which visual artists, writers, engineers, technologists, illustrators, and designers are using the space of zines and similar DIY creations to examine what we consider to be “technology” and offer a fresh perspective on digital culture.

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Confirmed Vendors - Aarati Akkapeddi & Philipp Schmitt, Access Now, American Artist, Everybody's Issues, Speculative Design Lab, Queens College CUNY, Andrew Win, Unknown Unknowns, Anisa Jackson, Authorized to Work in the US Press, Bryce Wilner, Bubble Sort Zines, Chris Kindred, Chris Romero, #Blkgrlswurld ZINE, Codecademy, Cybernetics Library, Daniel Temkin, Detroit Community Technology Project, Digital Justice Lab, DIYzineClub, So Sad / So Creepy, Emma Stewart & Matthew Balousek, Eyebeam, TRYTBEGOOD / Fei Liu, Felikinesis / Pocket Wisdom Series, Flawless Hacks, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Gaby Iglesias, Homie House Press, Irrelevant Press, Hyperlink Press ( Jeong Lee, Kendall Lane & Taehee Whang), SVN SYSTEMS, Julia Evans, Katy Gero, Kelli Anderson, KUMO ✕ AlM CHNG, Modes Vu, Lai Yi Ohlsen, Liza Stark, PROPS Paper, Madeline Zappala, Margaret Rhee / Machine Dreams, Matt Brucker & Evan New-Schmidt, Micah Walter Studio, The Basement Labs, Kajal Magazine, Nüetiks (Owen Roberts & Jenny Goldstick), Nichons-Nous Dans L'Internet, Bad Quarto, Nitcha & Kengchakaj, Panayiotis Terzis / Mega Press, Pat Shiu, Paul Soulellis, Mary Kidd / Preserve This Podcast, printjob press, Pumzi Code, Rachel Haberstroh, Resilient Communities, Robotito, Sam Lavigne, Shira Feldman, Soft Surplus, Sunset Spark, Stefan Pelikan, Syd Low, Weiwei Hsu, Wren McDonald.
Workshop Schedule (click links for ticketing)

1PM - Amy Wibowo - Zines as a Friendly Introduction to Complex Concepts

2PM - Paul Soulellis - URGENCY LAB / a one-hour publishing workshop

3PM - Liza Stark - Sensor Knitting 101

4:15PM - Sunset Spark - Making Art with Robots for Kids

5:15PM - Sarah Aoun - What the What? How the Internet Works

6:30PM - BUFU – WYFY Online / IRL Spacemaking & Our Tech Code of Ethic
VIP Reception and Preview - November 30 featuring Allison Parrish and Ari J Melenciano
Special thanks to poet Judy Malloy for inspiring our smiley computer.

For questions, information, or sponsorships, email nytechzinefair@gmail.com.

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The NYTZF will prioritize independent artists and publishers and will enforce a code of conduct to ensure the safety and comfort of our community. Read our code of conduct here.